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How To Get A Pagerank 7 In 200 Days

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Want soaring Pagerank? How about in 200 days. Read on- Ill eat my moldy hat if my secret advice fails.

BRIEF INTRO. PageRank is googles valuation of your website. Your pagerank comes pegged on a scale from 0 to 10.

Uh- okay so what?

Lets make it so easy that even your cat would mewl.

Think of Pagerank like real estate pricing. The higher your site ranks on that scale, the more valuable it is in Googles eyes. You, the webmaster, enjoy explosive benefits the higher your pagerank: your site gets indexed more often, you appear in the top ten placements and people will kill each other to advertise their site on yours. To the tune of thousands of greenbacks a month.

Bottomline: websites of considerable persuasion and influence boast high pagerank.

If your site has less than a Pagerank 4, youre s nobody. Pagerank 5 means youre a rising hotshot. Folks would pay $30 a month to place a link on your site. Pagerank 6 means youre almost a god. Not only would you rank in the top ten search engine rankings for chosen keywords, youd rake in lotsa moolah from ad revenue.

Are you mewling like a cat yet?

Now that thats out of the way, lets hunker down to getting you a Pagerank 7 in 200 days.


1)     Raid a few webhosts that allows you to buy domains on cheap. Id recommend or Purchase at least 40 domains across different C Class IPs. The .info , .mobi and .biz variety go for a dime a dozen. Register them and build up a single page on each one. Fill the pages with quality content. No scraped info or youll get deindexed. Your bucks would go down the drain faster than cash at a casino. Hire a ghostwriter if you must.

2)     Create backlinks to each of these sites from domains that wield extremely high pagerank. Its easy to accomplish with and Now before you get all excited, understand that this tactic will work if you judiciously pick profitable tags. The tag business ranks a whopper of a pagerank 7 at netscape. (). Listing your 40 domains under this directory gets a pagerank 7 backlink!

3)     Amp the power. List your domains at DMOZ and . Youll garner at least a Pagerank 4 backlink to each site.

4)     Post meaningful comments on one or two blogs listed here: These blogs have the NoFollow attribute disabled, allowing you to suck in more PR to each of your domains.

5)     Post meaningful comments on, and Google ranks these sites at pagerank 8+. If your sensible comment is approved, you get more rank boosting.

6)     Use this string in google search box to find high credibility .edu blogs where you can get quick backlinks from: [[ inurl:blog "post a comment" -"comments closed" -"you must be logged in" "Your-Key-Word"]] If your link appears on a .edu domain, Google accords your mucho respect. In spades. Ensure you write MEANINGFUL comments on these .edu sites, or Ill disown you and send the italian Mafia to kick your arse and sink you in the Ganges.

7)     Wait for the next PageRank update. Twiddle your thumbs and get fat on some MacDonalds quarterpounders to pass the time.

8)     Et Voila! After the next update, the Google Toolbar will indicate that ALL your 40 sites have achieved a shiny PageRank 3 or 4. Man, wasnt that easy?? (FYI, google updates pagerank every three months or so)

9)     Now that your sites wield considerable persuasive influence, I want you to create three new domains and have all original 40 sites link to these.

10)     Wait for the next pagerank update and BAM! The three new domains now flex a Pagerank 5!. Hallelujah!! But wait. You dont want a lousy 5. You want at least a seven. So what you do is to create two new domains and have the three pagerank 5s link to that.

11)     Wait again. (do you get the pattern here?) Suck on some fries. Get more girlfriends. Take up racing. Then at the next pagerank update, the Google Tool Bar will bring you news that will wet your pants: GOODGRACIOUSGLORIOUSGOD! The two new domains are now Pagerank 6!! Wait. Were not done yet. I want you to create a new domain. And guess what? I want you to link the two pagerank 6 sites to your new domain.

12)     Wait again. Nuninuninu. By now you should have 10 girlfriends and boast a nice paunch from all those quarterpounders. But so what? After the next pagerank update, your new domain should now be a gloriously persuasive Pagerank 7. Ahh. Now you can kick back and relax. Because with this single website, any other website you link to will be transformed into an instant Pagerank 6. Everyone knows that sites these stellar command unbelievable advertising power. So what you do from here well, its up to your imagination.

Disclaimer. Well actually its an apology. I promised you a Pagerank 7 in 200 days? Actually, make it more like 365 days because thats how long it would take google to go through all those updates. But heck, whats an extra 165 days between friends?

Fly high and rule the web world with persuasion and influence!