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How to get the best deals on your inkjet supplies

How To Get The Best Deals On Your Inkjet Supplies

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Whether surfing the Internet or visiting your local computer shop, you will encounter a wide range of colorful inkjet supplies to choose from. Inkjet printers are quite popular, offering an inexpensive, reliable way to complete print jobs in the comfort of your own home or small office. Typical inkjets use a basic color cartridge to provide prints through a yellow, cyan and magenta color scheme. A separate black cartridge is also used. While ink is one of the most needed inkjet supply parts requiring constant replacement, there are additional supplies necessary to make sure you can properly use your printer.

Color Cartridges

Depending on the type of printer you own, you may use an all-inclusive color cartridge to create prints. High-end models often take separate ink cartridges for each color, which makes for easier replacement (one-at-a-time). When choosing color cartridges, always make sure you are choosing the correct model. Trying to place incorrect cartridges into your printer may damage it. Also, take notice that certain photo-quality printers will require additional cartridges that offer a wider range of ink colors.


Paper is another one of those important printer supplies you need to complete a job. Some of the types of printer paper on the market include copy, premium, glossy and semi-gloss. Additional paper options come perforated for the creation of business cards. There are also special papers, such as transfers to create T-shirts and adhesive selections that can be used to print graphics for stickers.

Replacement Parts

Knowing the kind of cable and connector used to attach your printer to the computer will make replacing these parts much easier. This information can be found in your printer manual or when visiting a store, you may take the old cable or connector with you. There are two main types of connectivity to consider: USB connections and printer ports. Optional parts to select for your printer also depend on the model. Some printers accept flash card readers or media sticks, while others use USB gadgets to connect digital cameras to your printing apparatus.

Maintenance Supplies

There are cleaning solutions on the market that aim to keep your printer in top working condition. Often, a clear fluid can be purchased, which is used to clean or flush out clogged ink. For stubborn jobs, the printer may take overnight treatment and might not be ready for use until days later after the cleaning solution has settled in to work its magic. Sometimes, cleaning fluid can also be used to dilute existing ink to create lighter shades.

Selecting the Right Supply Models

When purchasing inkjet supplies, you must know the make and model of your machine, which is essential for successfully selecting the correct match for your printer. Surely, you cant outfit an HP 2110v inkjet printer with ink cartridges made for an Epson. Checking your make and model is quite easy. This information is visibly displayed on your inkjet printer. An even better resource to turn to is the printer manual. All of the information you need to know is conveniently situated in one place. This also comes in handy when replacing parts you are unfamiliar with, such as printer connection cables.

How To Save Money On Inkjet Supplies

There are plenty of ways to take advantage of a discount on inkjet supplies. One of the best markets for comparison-shopping and finding the greatest deals is the Internet. Thousands of companies across the world are vying for your business and they will slash prices, hoping to attract you to their site. You may encounter Buy 1, Get 1 Free bonuses, as well as tons of 50% off an assortment of printer inks.

Sometimes, the manufacturer of your inkjet printer may offer a few deals from time-to-time, such as discounted color and black/white ink combos. Visiting their main website will alert you to deals, while signing up for an email newsletter will also keep you on top of the inkjet supply bargains.

When it comes to ink, many consumers are saving money by purchasing do-it-yourself refill kits. Although, more involvement and procedure is involved than simply inserting an ink cartridge, it is still a great way to cut costs on inkjet supplies.