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How to create product names that sell and tell

How to Create Product Names that Sell and Tell

Learn how to create winning memorable product names from reknown writer, Lynn Walford who has helped major companies name and sell their products.

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Good product names act as advertising for your product. They differentiate you from your competitors and keep your customers coming back because they remember you and your product name. There is an art to naming products, and all great product names have the following qualities:

1. The words sound familiar even if it is a new word combination.
2. The word combination illustrates exactly what it product is.
3. The name shows how the product works/operates.
4. The name looks good on the page and on the product.
5. Words are easy to pronounce and sound pleasant.
6. The name grows on people over time.
7. The name is completely different from competitor names and is not confused with other products.
8. After hearing it once, people remember the exact name.
9. It appeals to the demographic of the product.
10. Theres something unique, wacky, fun, humorous or original about the name.