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How to create a powerful lead capture page

How To Create A Powerful Lead Capture Page

Get a Keyword Focused .com Domain Name

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Get a Keyword Focused .com Domain Name

This seems to be very important with the algorithms that Yahoo and MSN use in determining their search ranking relevance. So, for instance, if your domain name is and someone performs a search on Yahoo for 'get me some free leads' there is a very good chance that you are going to be showing up as one of the top results. This is a great, quick and easy way to start capturing some free traffic.

Use Headings and Text to Incite Instant Emotion

The whole idea behind your page is to incite emotion and an impulse to action. You want your readers to feel like they are truly missing out on something or have discovered the secret to instant success. They may or may not have done so, but this is a FREE offer that you are giving away and all they need to do is give you their name and email. Use your headings to create an image of what their life could be like, or what they might be missing. Either way, you need to get them thinking and dreaming. Pictures and videos can also do wonders as well.

Link to Your Page Like Crazy

Links serve a couple different purposes. First of all they are going to generate traffic to your site from simply getting your name out there. Second of all, the search engines are going to see all the links to your site, and take note that your site is important, which will get you placed higher in search results. Dont be too picky about where your links are just get them out there, and dont use a link farm service. Post good content comments with link backs, put links on your blog, your social networking sites, create videos with links, write articles with good links, and do whatever is necessary. If you do this well, and put in your due diligence, it will payoff in masses.

Have Great Page Content

In order to really build up your lead capture page and start getting some free traffic, you need to have some good unique content. So, write about what youve learned. Its certain that on your quest to creating a lead page, and running your business youve learned a few things. What youve learned truly is priceless. By writing about this, you will create original content, which the search engines love, and youre making yourself credible to your readers. By providing this good information, your reader will be even more enticed to find out what else you know!

Have an Even Greater Free Offer

This is the kicker. Most of your leads are really built up at this point, and you cannot let them down. If the service or free information you are offering doesnt back up all the hype and build up--you wont get far. Make sure that you have some good solid information that will ultimately lead them to a buying decision.

When you have done all these things, look out, because the leads will be rolling in.