How to choose the right work at home business

How To Choose The Right Work At Home Business

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There are hundreds of work at home businesses that can be started for less than $1000. Not all are created equal. Starting a home based business is similar to going to school. Four years of school costs about $25 000. However, there may be $20 – $30 000 difference between what the graduate can earn. For example, a veterinarian technician pays the same amount to go to school as a computer programmer. The veterinarian technician will work for $9 an hour. The computer programmer will earn $45.

Work at home businesses are not all created equal. One business can take several months to start earning $1000 a month. A second business can earn $2000 a month within a matter of weeks. Not all work at home business opportunities are created equal.

A vast difference in the time and financial investment is needed to start different types of communities. There are some intangibles that many people overlook when choosing a work at home business.


‘You need to spend money to make money.’ This is not necessarily true in the work at home world. There are some fantastic opportunities open for work at home businesses that can start earning a viable income, or passive income, within a matter of weeks.

It is possible to buy a ‘packaged’ business and start making money within weeks but not a website or AdSense website. Packaged businesses include a business plan, a get started strategy, and should include a program. Unfortunately, most rarely include more information that you’d find in a book.

That is why it is important to decide which business you want to operate before you spend any money.


Time is the number one consideration. Anyone who cannot invest more than 40 hours a week should focus on passive income opportunities. There are some great ones including AdSense and Real Estate Investing that can earn incomes in excess of $50 000 a year. However, if you don’t invest time, you must invest money.

Never invest in any program that requires no time or money investment. If it looks too good to be true it probably is.

National Association

If the business is real, then there is a national association. Even new industries like ‘life/success coaching’ and ‘personal trainers’ have national associations. The existence of a national association proves that the work at home program is not only real, it is profitable, it is a growing industry, and there are opportunities for aggressive business people.

A national association will also help new business owners avoid the pitfalls and scams that can be found in any industry. There is even an association for blog managers. Those are the people who build and run the blog communities, a viable work at home job that can be started for less than $100.

Business Plan

If the business idea works then someone out there has created a business plan to make it happen. That doesn’t mean that the work at home opportunity is not real if you cannot find a business plan on the Internet, but it does help. Whether you are starting a business that packages ‘sell your own car’ sales aids, or a blog, an online school, or a pooper scooper business, a few hours will find a few business plans on the internet.

Work at home is not a new idea. There are thousands of home based businesses operating all over the country. A business plan usually means that the business idea can earn enough money to make it qualify for a start up loan or business grant. This is a dead give away that the business idea is capable of earning more than $45 000 a year.


There are thousands of work at home idea websites and newsletters on the Internet. Take a while to explore them all. At first, most people only find the overused, and dried out, opportunities: party planner, dog walker, AdSense website, and drop ship store. However, after a while the real opportunities start to surface.


Whether you buy into a program, or you prefer to work alone, there needs to be a network where you can talk to other people who are sharing the same program, especially if you are buying into a program. Stay away from programs that ask you to join and pay money, without giving you a chance to talk to other members of the program.


Many people start two or three programs before they find the one they really want, or the one that they are good at. Never just jump into a business, especially if you need to invest money. Take your time. Learn all you can about the program. Go to your local government’s business services department, or library, and learn how to run a profitable business and avoid pitfalls.

Following this ‘start up’ check list can save months of wasted work, disappointment, and a financial loss.

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