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How to build credibility with your expertise

How to Build Credibility with Your Expertise

When you are just starting to break into the internet marketing scene you will need to begin to build your own credibility first. This must be done before you have any hope of getting one of the top internet marketers to do a joint venture with you.

If you have wisely chosen a sub-niche to launch your battle, you have already made a good first choice. Now you will need to go about building your own credibility using your own expertise as the building blocks.

You will need to build or have built for you a website that is very professional looking, easy to navigate and loaded with useful information about the sub-niche that you are fighting for market share in. Dont think that you are about to make a bucket full of money. You arent. You are going to simply build your own credibility so that you can eventually make several buckets full of money.

You should write articles about your sub niche subject and market the articles. Your resource box at the bottom of these articles needs to contain your name, contact and copyright information and your website address. This information will be included when another website owner or an e-zine publisher downloads your article to be used on their websites or in their e-zines.

You need to join and actively post in blogs and forums that relate to the subject matter of your niche and especially to your sub niche. The tag included in your signature will have a link to your website.

Both of these above techniques are designed to drive traffic to your website as well as to start establishing your credibility.

On your website you must have a FREE report that can be downloaded and used by others as long as nothing is changed...including links and your resource box information.