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How exercise can improve your sex life

How Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life

Candlelight dinners, sweet gifts, and soft music are some things people do to initiate intimate relations. But can exercise work just as well and contribute to a healthy sex life? According to the American Council on Exercise it can. Heating your sex life can be accomplished through maintaining a good exercise regimen improving sexual function in both men and women. Exercise is not only a physical but mental activity much like sex is. Exercise can enhanced sexuality because of the benefits gained in muscle strength, endurance, and cardiovascular functioning. Increased performance of blood flow and increased levels of testosterone levels all lead to a robust and energetic sex life. Studies published in the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality conclude that people who regularly exercise have a better perception of themselves, and are more confident in their physical abilities, and find themselves more sexually attractive which all add to feelings of competency in love making. They also experience higher lev

For men, a good healthy body contributes to a good healthy erection and reduction of the risks for impotency. Adding years to a mans life, exercise increases blood flow allowing for better erections with a more than 30 percent lower risk of impotence than men who do not regularly exercise. Because good circulation is necessary for good sexual functioning, it stands to reason that performance is enhanced with better circulation and increased blood flow to organs used when having sex. On the other hand, men who are obese or overweight have mental and physical limitations that interfere with the positive affects of good circulation. They may feel less adequate when having sex, or experience difficulty with the physical demands of sexual activity. Slimming down is a great ego boost, and it gets some of the extra baggage out of the way.

For women, a good exercise program could have a positive effect on their sex loves with increase enthusiasm, cardio, and muscular endurance as well. Females may find that they are able to hold positions for longer periods of time and enjoy longer lasting sex and greater comfort. Greater comfort during sex and increased endurance has the possibility of better ability to achieve orgasms for women who have a problem achieving satisfying orgasms. Conditioning of the body and its muscle groups allow for greater flexibility, making the sexual activity more enjoyable as you are able to try new things that might not have been possible before. Ill let you use your imagination for this one.

Boosting your sex life with physical activity is boosting your overall general health and the healthier you are the better your sex life can be. The psychological benefits such as improved self esteem, good mood, and increased confidence along with stress reduction benefits are immediately noticeable. The more your health and physical abilities improve the better your sex life can be. Simple exercises like walking briskly at least two miles per day can reap wonderful benefits in the bedroom. So just imagine the benefits you could gain from an overall exercise regime. So, getting healthy and staying healthy only has more benefits than you might have originally though.

If you are really interested in getting fit, you should look into a membership at your local gym. You can use their cardio machines and weight machines to gain considerable stamina and muscle mass. You may even skip the gym membership, and go for a run every day. This will get you in great shape as well, it just depends on how much you want to get into the whole fitness thing. Being fit has hundreds of benefits, and better sex is just one of them. So as soon as you can, start doing more research related to how you can get fit, and how it will help you in life.