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Going to asia save time and money on your next trip

Going to Asia? Save Time and Money on Your Next Trip.

It seems like traveling these days has become more of a hassle than what its worth. Gas prices are constantly on the rise, while airports remain notorious for overcharging plane tickets. Not to mention the long waits, hassle of security, and running the risk of losing your luggage. Traveling out of the country poses even more of a hassle. Despite the obstacles traveling involves, you can eliminate one worry from your mind if youre planning a trip to Asia spending too much money to get there.

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You can travel to Asia for half of what others spend. No, that isnt a phony promise, but if you properly research your options you will find that its easy to save money on airfare to Asia. Start preparing for your trip months in advance by signing up online for mailing lists. Sounds crazy, right? No one likes to junk up their inbox by useless offers for credits cards or so-called discount travel packages. But there are some mailing lists that you can sign up for and specify what youre looking for. In this case, express your interest in traveling to Asia and youll receive newsletters on last-minute and discount flights.
If you cant afford to get in through the front door, go in the back. Thats what stand-by flights are all about! You should never rely on a stand-by flight as a definite way to travel, but if you arent picky about your dates, then its an excellent way of saving money especially on international travel. You can improve your chances of making a stand-by flight by arriving at least one hour early to the gate. (Remember, you did not purchase a confirmed seat.) Immediately approach the check-in agents and let them know you are a stand-by passenger. If someone with a confirmed seat fails to show up before the scheduled departure time, theyll know to come to you with the seat first.

Again, if you have a flexible schedule and dates are not an issue, then traveling on a courier flight may be a great option. You can travel to Asia on a courier flight for significantly less than commercial fares, but the downside to courier flights is that they dont usually work well if you are traveling with other people. You run the risk of being placed on separate flights and arriving to your destination at different times. However, it still remains a possibility if you are traveling alone or with just one other person.

If youre a frequent traveler by plane, chances are youve racked up some major reward points with your airline. Use those points to your advantage and apply them towards your trip to Asia. You can reduce your airfare by 50% or more depending on how many reward points you have saved over time. Also remember to ask for any specials or discounts when purchasing your plane ticket. Lots of airlines offer a variety of discounts, such as senior citizen, student, or military. Finally, look into discount travel websites. These sites will often list airfares at a discounted rate depending on the date you travel. With these helpful tips, you are sure to save money on your trip to Asia!