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Global resorts network build a business

Global Resorts Network - Build A Business

So what is the Global Resorts Network and how is it affiliated with the Reverse Funnel System? Well, the Global Resorts Network has been established for over 20 years, offering amazing holiday packages at ridiculously low prices for its members. It's online reservation and customer service systems were established in 1999, providing members with access to an international network of quality holiday accommodation. The systems now are the most advanced in the industry and members are able to book and enquire about almost anything to do with the travel industry and get four and five star accommodation anywhere around the world for a big discount to the normal rate.

Global Resorts mission is to expand its register of accommodations. They do this through a number of ways including:

a) leases

b) wholesale contracts

c) bulk purchases of accommodation inventory

d) acquisition of company-owned resorts.

Benefits to members are numerous and as mentioned above you can, as a member, enjoy heavily discounted travel packages from $298 for 8 days (accommodation only). This accommodation is always four or five star and you won't be disappointed after you see the type of rooms that are available for you to stay in. Additionally, the customer service is extremely good - you certainly won't be disappointed.

So if it's not enough to pay for your Global Resorts membership, there is also a business opportunity for you to build a large passive income with The Reverse Funnel System, which has come up with an amazing partnership with Global Resorts. Basically, the business is a network marketing opportunity. You build a business through signing up people interested in this opportunity and then teaching them to do the same as you do.

The Reverse Funnel System has an amazing backend that has everything that you will ever need and more. Don't know where to place ads? Your backend office will tell you. Want to check your stats and leads? Every person that opts in to your system is recorded and you can elect to send them a broadcast email once the auto responder series have finished.

If you need training and contact with fellow members there are many training videos archived for you to access so that you can keep up to speed with everything that is going on. Login to the members forum and also access more information that you can use to promote your business. You can also set up unique url addresses to track each individual campaign that you are using so that you get to know which campaigns work and convert the best.

The compensation plan is the best. For each sale that you initiate, you will earn $1,000. In addition to that, members in your downline who sign up will others will qualify you for more commissions, so that you can earn passive income from your downline's work. The key is to sign 10 members and then assist them to do what you do and soon your income will be exploding in an upward spiral.

So, you can be in a completely win/win situation here. You get the amazing discounted four and five star travel packages when you join Global Resorts and then also get an opportunity to build your own long term residual business with the Reverse Funnel System. This business model is setting the internet world on fire at the moment, so you don't want to miss the opportunity while it exists. Unlimited support from like minded people, a great virtual office to set up your campaigns and a great product to market. What are you waiting for?