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Giving blood for money

Giving Blood for Money

Giving blood isnt always something that people do out of the kindness of their hearts. Instead it is often something that they do to make some extra cash. It is fast and easy so they figure why not. They are also helping others but at the same time helping themselves too. This money may buy them a meal or fill up their gas tank to get them to work or school for a couple of days. Some people feel it is unethical to get money for giving blood but many resources know this is a prime way to get more donors to walk into the door.

Yet many facilities give the indication that they arent charging people for the blood the donate. Instead they are charging for the amount of time that a person spends for the entire process to take place from start to finish. They are also compensating for the side effects that can occur afterwards. When you look at it from that prospective then the idea of getting money for this event seems more ethical than before.

The amount of money that a person is compensated after they give blood depends on the location. New donors may get a bonus in order to encourage them to go forward with the process the first time. Some places give more money to their regular patients as they dont have to spend time or money to test them after the initial time that they come in. There are also some bonuses for those that have rare blood types as the supply of them is lower than it needs to be most of the time.

Giving blood for money isnt something you can do too often though. You should wait at least eight weeks between sessions. It is too hard on your body to do it more often than that. Some people try to get around this by donating blood at more than one center. Yet this is very risky behavior. Ideally there should be twice that much time for the body to repair between donations. Taking iron supplements is common with donors that want to be able to sell their blood sooner.