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Giving and receiving

Giving And Receiving

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How many of us were told as children It is better to Give than to Receive? And many of us grew up believing and thinking that the virtue was always in the giving.

Yet the Universe always has a balance. If there is an up there is an equal and equivalent down. The left is balanced with the right. True North is the exact opposite of True South. Everything in the Universe has an equal and equivalent opposite. Yet it is true that some things are more preferable than their opposite. For instance, most people would much rather be happy than sad and most people would much prefer health over sickness.

Yet when one strives to live with an Attitude of Gratitude, the concept of giving and receiving take on new meaning. Being truly grateful for all of the gifts of an abundant Universe means being open to receiving. The true gifts of the Universe are very often not of a material nature but they are more of a more joyous and spiritual nature. The love of our families and friends, the beauty of nature, the joys we find in our work are some of the sweetest gifts we can receive and they are all far from being material items.

Even in our giving of gifts to others we can receive back the gifts of the Universe. Seeing someone elses happiness when they open up the gift we chose especially for them is our gift to be grateful for. Watching the enjoyment of our families and friends as they partake in the holiday we prepared for them is a gift from the Universe to be grateful for. Enjoying the excitement as the children wait for Santa is a gift to be grateful for.

So Giving is a wonderful thing. Receiving is an equally wonderful thing. Be open to give and be open to receive. Giving and Receiving can be the perfect balance-which is also another gift from the Universe.

When you give of yourself, you cant help but receive Joy back. That Joy is your gift.