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What is the first thing to do when you bring a cat home?

The journey domestic

Cats don’t tend to be excellent tourists. To minimize any pressure, make sure they're transported in a comfortable, nicely made and nicely-ventilated provider. Inclusive of a bit of their bedding in the provider can provide them with a reassuringly acquainted heady scent. The journey home have to be as quiet and clean as possible, don’t bring alongside the circle of relatives canine and, if possible, leave any noisy and excited children at domestic.

You may also need to spray the bed and provider with Feliway before you placed the cat in it. This is a synthetic version of the certainly going on “satisfied” pheromones found in your cats face. Those could have a reassuring impact.

Don’t feed them any treats even as traveling; if they're pressured this will reason them to vomit.

If your cat is stressed out by using the car or provider, once they're home and settled, you could paintings on a desensitization application to build up extra fine associations.

The primary Few Hours - offering a secure, Quiet and cozy space

You must no longer flood your cat with too many new and stimulating studies when they first arrive domestic. For as a minimum the first day, probably extra depending on the cat, it is advocated that they live in a single quiet room to help save you them from becoming crushed.

Make sure you don't permit every other pets into this area inside the starting and supply get right of entry to to a muddle box and fresh water. The room need to be non violent and cozy, and your cat ought to be capable of cover if they wish. If there may be no bed or couch to cover underneath or at the back of, then you can create a hiding area with a blanketed container.

Vicinity the service within the room and then depart them to pop out when they are ready. Trying to pressure an interaction together with your cat when they are very pressured can abate a success bonding.

After some Hours - Introducing food

It is better to introduce food after your cat has had at least some hours of their new home. If they do take the food at the start however are irritating, it may cause them to vomit or increase the chances of an upset stomach.

Your new cat won't consume for the primary day or two if they're extremely burdened. Except they maintain to refuse meals after this, it isn't something you need to be overly involved about.

After half of a day - careful Introductions to the broader own family

Ideally, you ought to allow your cat a great few hours of quiet time, to regulate to their new environment. If, at this factor, you need to provide them a bit company then try this steadily and flippantly.

It is a good concept to start spending time inside the room, perhaps just studying a ebook or watching a quiet tv software. This can permit the cat to get used for your corporation without it being too traumatic or intrusive.

If the cat is going right into a hiding vicinity whilst you enter the room, don’t pressure them out. Allow them to come out when they are ready. You can want to reward them with a delectable treat if they technique you, to accumulate tremendous interactions.

If you have kids, make sure they apprehend not to chase or annoy the cat, that they're supervised, and that they best interact if the cat tactics them seeking interest.

After 12 Hours - Introducing Toys

If your cat is starting to voluntarily engage with own family individuals you could need to introduce a few toys to look in the event that they would love to interact in a few play. Of course, if they are nevertheless feeling overwhelmed, toys may additionally ought to wait some more days.

What now not to Do in the First 24 Hours

Some matters are exceptional left till your cat has had the hazard to grow to be settled and secure within their instantaneous environment. If they are added too quickly, it can reason additional stress, and a negative first experience could make things more tough going forward.

Introductions With other Pets

Cats are naturally territorial, and introductions with other cats have to no longer be executed immediately. It may once in a while take weeks or months for cats sharing a family to integrate completely. Within the initial days, it is excellent to maintain them separated earlier than slow introductions begin.

Introductions with puppies have to also be sluggish and initial conferences may be greater manageable in case your canine is on-leash. Ensure that your cat has an clean escape course if they're uncomfortable. Baby gates also can be a useful management tool.

When you have smaller pets, they have to be kept safe and secure, and you can need to don't forget whether or not your cat is permitted access to the room they're in. Due to the fact birds and rodents are natural prey for your cat, it is able to cause over-arousal and also be a source of strain on your small pet while the cat is of their presence.

Letting Your Cat exterior

If you plan to let your cat outside, do no longer do this inside the first 24 hours. The stress and disorientation of a new environment increase the possibilities of your cat getting misplaced, injured or fleeing. It's miles generally advocated that you wait as a minimum  weeks earlier than you begin introducing the broader world, and this will be longer, depending on how confident and settled your cat is.

Make sure doorways main outdoor are not left open whilst your cat is close by, to keep away from any accidental escapes.