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what are lead capture or namesqueeze pages

How Do Name Squeeze Pages Generate Profit?

There are many ways on how to earn money from the Internet. Many people have claimed of having gained certain millions from using the Internet as a marketing tool. Emails, ezines, affiliate programs, these are just a few of the most popular ways of earning through the Internet.

Marketing itself has made a dramatic shift towards the use of the virtual world of the Internet to be able to reach a certain market to promote a certain product or service. Most Internet marketers are familiar with what are called squeeze pages. However, many of them fail to use them effectively to be able to translate the marketing effort into hard sales and eventually to realized profits.

For those people who have no idea what squeeze pages are, they are simply websites which asks people to act upon a certain opt-in towards another action. When people come across these web pages, they will be asked if they would want to continue with a certain business endeavor or not. Some name squeeze pages only have two options for the readers, one is - opt-in and the other one is leave.

Other squeeze pages, people are actually provided with options one how to continue to explore the business opportunity, although these types of squeeze pages are argued by some as not belonging to the category of squeeze pages.


Why bother putting up a website just to ask people whether they would like to continue with the transaction or not? The underlying principle behind squeeze pages is that marketers who promote their products or services through the Internet know that people will not avail their products and services during their first encounter with them. Squeeze pages are actually intended to be able to gather the email addresses of people who are interested in a certain product or service and to get their consent as well. With these components are at the disposal of the marketer, he can then proceed with providing these people who are interested with sales proposals and other marketing materials.


An effective squeeze page squeezes a lot of valuable information in a single web page while getting the attention of the reader. It usually contains a lot of enticing bullet points about the next steps after one clicks on the proceed button. Curiosity will kill the cat and will get people to click on the proceed button as well.

Email Usage

The most efficient and effective squeeze pages employ emails to be able to garner traffic. These emails contain interesting facts which are hard to resist. These emails are propagated by the agents of the product or service. The basic concept is that the email will lay down the foundations for selling the product, just like a pre-sale effort.


Many squeeze pages experience what one might call as leakage because visitors know hot to get around the squeeze page without clicking the proceed button. To prevent this from happening, one should have the knowledge on how to encrypt the folllow-on page's URL. Another way of preventing this leakage is to use email as a tool to do what is promised on the name squeeze page. This is to ensure that people would provide their email addresses to be able to avail what is behind that mysterious door that is the squeeze page

A good squeeze page should be seen as a personalized website which is specifically targeting the person who is accessing it. There are softwares out there that are available in the markets which will help a marketer to be able to generate a squeeze page which will look personalized. Some squeeze pages actually contain information about a person's life such as what kind of pet or television he owns, and other such things.

Name squeeze pages are also known as lead capture pages. They are generally popular in multi-level marketing and has been proven by many people to generate down lines and eventually profits. They are particularly effective because they generate a list of interested people who become prospects and clients. Effective squeeze pages provide information that is valuable to those who will be reading it. They are also relatively easy to build because one just need some technique to get people to visit the site.

Some may be doubtful of the capabilities of name squeeze pages in terms of marketing a business and generating profit. However, the basic foundations of these pages make sense and the effectiveness of these pages are proven by millions of Internet marketers.