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What breed of cat is best for apartment living?

American Shorthair

The yank shorthair, the pedigreed version of the home shorthair, is an easygoing cat that loves to hang out with its people. Those cats can do nicely in apartments as long as you're domestic sufficient to satisfy their social needs. But they are also true at wonderful themselves with toys and watching out home windows.


The candy and mild Birman is an affectionate lap cat that doesn’t require a ton of area. Those calm cats just need to be anywhere their favourite humans are, making the size of their domestic a nonissue. However they do have a playful side and especially want to play chase with other pets.

British Shorthair

The British shorthair is an exceptionally adaptable cat which could thrive in an apartment. Those quiet, laid-again cats usually prefer lounging over racing round their homes. But they are able to have bursts of power and love interactive play to undertaking them mentally and bodily. Meals puzzles are high-quality to maintain them entertained in a small area, as long as they don't lead to overfeeding.


The Burmese is typically sweet and cuddly. Those are social cats that opt for steady corporation from their human beings or other pets, so they do not get lonely. They're additionally quite athletic and want cat bushes and different spots in which they can leap and jump. But as long as they have consistent interest, the dimensions in their home would not absolutely rely.


Exotics are essentially the shorthaired version of the Persian cat. Like their longhaired cousins, those cats are calm and affectionate, who prefer a warm lap or plush cushion to severe interest. They've a moderate pastime stage and could happily get out some strength with cat toys earlier than heading again to your lap.

Maine Coon

The Maine coon is called a “gentle massive” for its easygoing, pleasant nature. These huge cats love socializing with their people, but they aren’t typically traumatic of attention. And that they do nicely with interesting themselves, so long as they have got a few toys and a window to appearance out. They’re additionally frequently inclined to walk outdoor on a leash for workout.


Persians recognize the value of rest and relaxation. Those mild and serene cats are happy to plop down on any available tender floor, particularly a lap. They may be now not too eager on mountain climbing and leaping, making them perfect for small houses. And at the same time as they revel in the enterprise of their favored human beings, they may be also commonly excellent spending a while by way of themselves.


The Ragdoll is the ultimate lap cat. Its call is derived from the breed’s tendency to loosen up and go limp whilst being held. Ragdolls generally have a moderate strength stage and are extraordinarily adaptable to many special residing situations. They're really playful, even though their favored interest is following their people around the residence.

Russian Blue

The Russian blue tends to be affectionate however not clingy, content material to spend some of the day on my own resting in a sunny spot. Those cats do not want a number of space, as they are usually quiet and reserved with a slight power level. They enjoy playing with cat toys, but frequently you’ll find them perched someplace up excessive, staring at their domain.

Scottish Fold

The pleasant and calm Scottish fold can adapt to many different dwelling conditions, inclusive of flats. Those quiet cats love being engaged in some thing their humans are doing, and one in all their favourite activities is playing fetch. Food puzzles are top for his or her clever, inquisitive nature, especially while you can’t be home with them.

Breeds to keep away from
A few cat breeds are distinctly lively and might be bouncing off the partitions of an condominium or different small domestic. They include the Abyssinian, Balinese, Bengal, Savannah, and Siberian. These cats generally tend to like journey and are usually looking for some thing to do. And in the event that they can't discover enough enrichment in your small space, they probable might not be happy and healthful.