Monday, July 13, 2020

Ssl certificates the credit card protector

SSL Certificates: The Credit Card Protector

So you want to create a site, that will take get people to pay online. In order for them to do this they need to pay with Credit Card. So you purchase an account with an online Merchant, and want your site to collect the Credit Card information to collect payment.

Now can you do this on your normal page? No, you should not! Why? Because if the page is not secure, then the potential of your customers credit card number getting in the wrong hands is likely! And we don't want such a thing to happen to our customers. So how do we protect the Credit Card Number? A Thing we call SSL Certificates.

First things first. What is a SSL Certificate?

A SSL Certificate makes your site have a URL with https instead of just http. What does that little s make a difference? It does because with the Certificate, your page is encryped in a Secure fashion, and other groups are not able to view what you do online, and are not able to get secure information such as the credit card number. The goal of the SSL Certificate is to