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Seo crucial seo site elements

SEO - Crucial seo site Elements

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Asking yourself the following questions may help you create a web site that is nicely and organically search engine optimized and that is geared towards making the most profits. Once again, these principles are in accordance with generating multiple streams of income as this is one of the basic intents of including SEO in a web site design in the first place.

1. Where am I going to put my request for the customer's email address? Remember that if a customer visits your site without entering their email address you have not only lost an opportunity to network with them but you will have no database to sell to advertisers.

2. Where am I going to put my banners and links to affiliate programs? Remember that you don't want them to become so wowed by a banner that they forget to read about YOUR products before they click to another site.

3. Where am I going to put my book or audio store?

4. Where am I going to put fun offers for stuff such as free ebooks, discounts and other kids of offers? A good trick is to offer a subscription or bonus on the first place IF and only IF they provide that all-important email address.

6. Where will I put my pay per click search engine plug in so that I can make revenue from them searching my site? There is some debate about where the best place to put this is.... my thought is on the first page as long as the banner is small and demure. You don't want them going somewhere else without at first without reading your first page.

Running these questions by a web designer is also a good idea to avoid having to make expensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) changes to your site in the future.