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Seo about search engine positioning strategy

SEO - About Search Engine Positioning Strategy

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Dont make the mistake of thinking that search engine optimization is a hit and miss proposition. It is a fine marketing art that anyone can learn and search engine optimization techniques. They are used to exponentially increase sales and membership conversions. To make a big profit on the Internet it is crucial that you try and maintain your site within the top ten page rankings in search engines and directories. Eighty percent of all web traffic comes from Internet searches done on these engines and directories.

To get your site within those top ten rankings you need to follow a progressive SEO strategy. The general approach is to include your search engine optimized language in the form of key words in your web pages titles, descriptions and Meta tags. A meta-tag is a piece of HTML cod that is created specifically to help bring your web page to a search engine spiders attention. The spiders and bots will notice these tags but they are not visible to people who view your site.

However to make life complicated there is some debate about whether or not you actually need to use meta-tags on your web pages. This is because there is a belief out there that the major search engines are changing the way they search pages as inserting meta-tags in your copy is considered to be an unfair advantage over sites that might be just as legitimate as yours. Still to be on the safe side the insertion of meta-tags into your copy should still probably be an essential component of your search engine positioning strategy.

Yet another strategy is to also put in as many links as you can to other websites as the search engine spiders love sites that contain lists of links to other sites and rank them higher in the search engine ranking pages. The higher your ranking is, the more money you will make as a web business as you will maximize the number of visitors to your web site.