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Rebreather diving

Rebreather diving

Information about rebreathing diving, a new way to go underwater and discover a new way of scuba diving

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Information about 3 the great different of Rebreather systems.
Azimuth Rebreather

This is consider the the "state of the art" in diving systems for Nitrox breathing mixtures. 
Designed and constructed by OMG, most of 30 years of vast experience in the professional underwater rebreather technology.
formerly known as the "Mares Azimuth". This rebreather is a semi-closed design, with constant mass flow. Manufactured in Italy, with many components supplied by Mares, it features user-adjustable flow rates, twin cylinders, an integrated bailout system, and the ability to select either of the two cylinders while diving. The history of the unit is that it was originally produced by an independent manufacturer in Italy, using many Mares components, and was then proposed by Mares for sale as a Mares product. It was shown at several dive shows by Mares, but for liability and marketing reasons never made it into the Mares distribution network.

Functionality of the Azimuth Rebreather:
Azimuth Rebreather is a semi-closed cyclical circuit breathing apparatus , giving constant and controlled flow.
The gas mixtures follows a single direction circular path utilizing two different separated way of circulation, to and from the breathing bag. Especially, the constant flow of gas mixture coming from the single cylinders,( trough the respective dosing group) goes in to the inhalation breathing bag and reaches the corresponding pressure to the diving depth.

The diver breathes the gas mixture contained in the inhalation breathing bag trough the corrugated hose connected to it, via the mouthpiece assembled on the four-way valve and exhales the gases produced by the breathing process in to the exhalation hose connected to the exhalation breathing bag.
The excess pressure generated by the constant flow is vented from the relief valve connected to the bag itself by means of a short flexible hose.
In the Azimuth Rebreather gases from the exhalation breathing bag go in to the filter and once purified from the carbon-dioxide, enter into the inhalation breathing bag.

The DrgerRay rebreather is the latest semi-closed sports rebreather by Drger. For divers who prefer to take full advantage of all the benefits offered by a rebreather in shallow water, the DrgerRay offers smooth unrestricted breathing effort, reduced bubbles and exhaust noise. 
It's unique design boasts an built-in Buoyancy Compensator 
some o the key features of the Drager Ray Rebreather are
Recreational semi-closed rebreather with constant gas and bypass for additional gas demand supply, CO2 absorption with scrubber canister. 
Depth limited to 130 feet (40m) with optional 32% O2 bypass valve.
Includes: Buoyancy compensating jacket with inflator and five integrated weight pockets, breathing hoses, mouthpiece assembly, inhalation breathing bag (integrated), exhalation breathing bag with integrated relief valve assembly, pressure reducer with hose and gauge, scrubber canister, bypass valve with integrated constant dosage for Nitrox 50, bailout regulator, flow meter, and operator's manual.

Does not include Cylinder, Fill Adapter or Oxygauge
The semi-closed rebreather allows you to experience diving as never before.
What is special about rebreather systems is that your exhaled gas is not released into the water as in conventional open circuit systems, but is purified and returned to the breathing circuit. As a result, you can enjoy your dive to the fullest - not only longer dive, but also a completely undisturbed adventure.

Another aspect for rebreather diving that you will enjoy is that the inhaled air is pleasantly warm and moist. This is because the chemical reaction involved in the absorption of carbon dioxide generates warmth and moisture, and as a result even ice diving can become a real joy
So what about the Drger Dolphin

The first CE approved rebreather released in 1995 as the Drger Atlantis before having a minor facelift and becoming the Drger Dolphin, this semi closed unit is still as popular as ever with recreational and even technical divers. Equipped with a variety of flow orifices to give the diver optimum gas duration and minimal decompression in depths down to 45m.
The unit is simple to operate and cost effective to maintain, with purchase cost's in the region of a decent set of doubles which the unit easily replaces.

With the standard 5l cylinder provided with the unit it is capable of around 2 hours of bottom time using EANx regardless of depth. Fitted as standard with an auto diluent addition valve and auto dump the unit easy to learn and enjoyable to dive.

Drger Dolphin Matched to a rebreather capable dive computer such as the VR3 and our unique PO2 interface the unit is capable of giving long in water times with optimised decompression.