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Popular sport in spain

Popular Sport in Spain

When you talk of a specific popular sport in Spain, there is actually none in particular since there a lot that the locals would want to enjoy. However, as compared to others, football has been finding a soft spot in the hearts of the Espaol. As a matter of fact, there are three main teams which give all the more reason for the locals to gaga over the said activity namely Rayo Vallecano, Atletico de Madrid and Real Madrid.

There may be no statistical figures that will prove football is indeed a popular sport in Spain. However, when you head to the arenas, the places are literally jampacked with cheering spectators and passionate fans filling up the benches. It was said that when Atletico de Madrid and Real Madrid played in the first division, officials of the spanish Football League (SFL) sees to it that both perform at their hometowns on interchange weekends as what was requested by the public.

Real Madrid
Plenty of critics gave positive feedbacks about Real Madrid. The group is actually dubbed as the best in the 20th century. Can you jus t imagine what pressure it has on them? Anyway, not only are they directly involved in the popular sport of Spain, they are also among the famous in the country. Real Madrid can be spotted in Santiago Bernabeu Stadium which is located in close proximity to Paseo de Castellana.

Atletico de Madrid
Vicente Calderon Stadium is the quarters of another troop that engages in a popular sport in Spain, Atletico de Madrid. The venue was inaugurated in 1966 that has a capacity of over 55, 000 persons. It is domiciled in Paseo Virgen del Puerto. Tickets can be bought in the center beginning at 11o clock in the morning on the schedule of Atletico de Madrids match.

Rayo Vallecano
Installed in 1976, Teresa Rivero Stadium is the official residence of Rayo Vallecano. The place can accommodate only 15, 000 which is smaller when compared to others. For those who are raring to catch a glimpse of Rayo Vallecano, admission permits can be bought between 5:30pm to 8:30pm. Not to mention, it is put on sale one week before the actual date.

Aside from football, there are also other games that a lot of Espaol love such as trekking, fishing, golfing and skiing. Trekking is on the list because the country is profusely blessed with mountain ranges such as the bordering Pyrenees of France. Skiing is also recognized because of the several resorts on the hilly portions of the nation especially that the weather is temperate even in the winter season.