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Poor advertising of a good product

Poor Advertising of a Good Product

Why do they create a bad advertising for this fine quality product? It is still a mystery that to me. But we will attempt to figure out why it happens. First of all lets define what we mean under bad advertising. It is an advertising that has not worked. That is it. The aim of the advertising might be

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Advertisers always pay attention at the range of products being advertised. Lets imagine there is a revolutionary new product to be advertised. Regardless the immense budget and well-planned company the advertising still seems ineffective. Where is the mistake (mistakes) hidden? To find this out well have to start a deep analysis of what is going on. What is the aim of any advertising strategy? There can be two answers to this question. One is plain and simple to increase sales. But if a company constantly observes the movement of the differential of sales on the scale of specific field, they maintain this differential by increasing or decreasing the intensity of the advertising. There are three basic principles that should be brought to life when advertising: give people information on the product, set a solid image of it in the mind of the consumer and then influence his choice by maintaining the advertising process with special techniques like discounts, programs etc.