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Poodles one adorable dog in many convenient sizes

Poodles One Adorable Dog In Many Convenient Sizes

People love their poodles! A very popular but often misunderstood breed of dog, the poodle has been with us for centuries. Artifacts from ancient Egypt and Rome have been found bearing the images of poodles engaged in such activities as herding animals, retrieving game animals (small game animals, of course especially birds), and assisting the dragging of game nets. In fact, the intentional breeding of various sized poodles (the American Kennel Club or AKC recognizes three sizes of poodles Standard, Miniature, and Toy which are all considered to be the same breed) likely dates back hundreds of years as opposed to other types of dogs which were bred this way only recently. Suffice to say that there have been oodles of poodles roaming the Earth for a very long time. 

Defining the Poodles Sizes 

The three sizes of poodle have distinct definitions according to the AKC. For purposes of competition in dog shows, the different sizes are d