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Pond weed clean up a neighborhood effort

Pond Weed Clean-Up, A Neighborhood Effort

After answering several inquiries from other towns regarding the success of Sluice Pond Association at eradicating weeds from the pond, this article describing the process might help others in Massachusetts and New England . Sluice Pond is a 50+ acre body of water with approximately 165 homes that abut the pond. We knew that finding funds would be necessary after we had a formal evaluation of the weeds and an estimate for treatment costs while protecting the fish, wildlife and recreational use.

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After answering several inquiries regarding our success at eradicating weeds from Sluice Pond and raising funds to establish weed control, I thought an article describing a successful process would help others in Massachusetts and New England. 

A brief history-Sluice Pond is a 50+ acre body of water with approximately 165 homes that abut the pond. Sluice Pond, fed by the Cedar Brook and natural springs, is one of five ponds located 10 miles Northeast of Boston that meander in a Strawberry Necklace through Lynn, MA to the Atlantic. There is a public boat ramp in a northern cove at Briarcliff Lodge that enables the general public to access the pond for boating, fishing and swimming from their boats. 

The pond has 12 deeded right of ways that each enable about 65 property holders on nearby parcels to egress (enter or leave the pond). These pond paths were once water access paths for cattle, which were deeded to neighbors when older farms and estates were divided into building lots. Basically, there is a g