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Pomeranian standard does your dog measure up and does it matter

Pomeranian Standard: Does Your Dog Measure Up and Does It Matter?

Pomeranians are a special breed of toy dog. They are loyal, energetic and protective towards their owners. Pomeranians are full of character and many people fall in love with their friendly faces. They are also a happy dog most of the time and very noticeable as well. They like to jump and with their two front paws they will wave at you.

Pomeranians love to be shown off. Whether its during a walk and they insist of socializing with any dog in your path, or at shows. They are courageous to a fault and will not be afraid of even the largest dogs. 

According to the American Kennel Club the ideal Pomeranian has the following characteristics: 

General Appearance:

The Pomeranian is a compact active toy dog. The Pomeranian has a soft, thick undercoat and a profuse, harsher textured out coat. The Pomeranian has a thick plumed tail lies flat on his back. The Pomeranian has an alert character and has an intelligent expression. He has an inquisitive nature and can be cocky, commanding and animated in his gait.