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Pointe dance

Pointe is a type of dance that is found in the area of ballet. This particular type of dance involves the students being able to dance on the tips of their toes. While they make it look every elegant and simple, try to do it in your own home and you will quickly see how hard it is to balance that way. It takes a great deal of practice to be able to do Pointe with grace and style.

It is this type of precision and dedication to areas of dance that make it so intriguing. Dancers spend hours and hours practicing Pointe and other movements in order for us in the audience to sit back and enjoy watching them. Sometimes these dances are just for a recital and other times they are part of an elaborate play or production. Regardless, it is very simple to lose yourself in the events taking place on stage.

Many young girls dream of becoming a ballerina. There are plenty of wonderful dance schools out there for children of all ages. Some of them are just to help them learn the basics of it. Others are for students that want to have a career in the area of ballet some day. Finding the right place for your child to take Pointe lessons is very important. You want them to have a skilled instructor that is also very patient. You also want them to be in classes that are small in size.

Yet these instructors will tell you and the students that they will only grow as dancers and in the area of Pointe if they commit to practicing on their own as well. Generally, they should be practicing at least three hours per week for each hour of time they have in class. That can add up to quite a bit of time spent on Pointe but if they are really interested in excelling it is the only way to be successful.

Having the right shoes is also important for Pointe. They need to be a perfect fit for the feet of the individual. A dance instructor can help a student to get the right shoes they need. Otherwise it will be harder for them to learn Pointe correctly. They also risk injuring their feet and ankles due to not having enough support in place.