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Podcasting as a marketing tool

Podcasting as a Marketing Tool

Podcasting is exploding in popularity thanks to the ease of creation and distribution. Learn how your company can benefit from this new medium as a way to reach new customers, boost employee morale and spread the word about your business.

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Should Your Company Be Podcasting? Before we answer that question, let's take a quick look at what a podcast is. Audio programming isn't revolutionary.A company called has been selling downloadable content like audio books and radio shows for nearly 10 years. Now, thanks to the growing popularity and large storage capacity of Apples iPods, tech experimentalists are considering anew the possibilities of downloadable audio. Now with new, easy-to-use distribution tools and cheaper storage capacity in addition to the millions-sold iPod market, podcasting is going mainstream. 

The broadcasting part comes from syndication tools that allow listeners to subscribe to receive automatic downloads of new podcasts in episodes that interest them. People who produce podcasts use something called RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to create subscription feeds. Listeners point their podcatchers toward those feeds and receive their automatic updates. Apples iTunes software has built-in podcatching features, but