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Podcasting and the rss connection

Podcasting And The RSS Connection

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There can be enormous marketing benefits to podcasting. Podcasting is the ability to download a segment of audio for playback. This audio source can be entertaining or simply educational.

Many individuals will peruse various websites looking for podcasts they would like to listen to. This is a normal and accepted use for podcasting, but the implementation of a Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feed makes it possible to avoid several steps and save time in the process.

When you subscribe to an RSS feed it is possible to have the podcast downloaded to your computer. This process eliminates the need to specifically visit the site and spend the time needed to access a download.

Essentially when you are out golfing or shopping at the mall a new podcast can be published and your RSS feed can access the podcast automatically and download it for you. When you get back from participating in life the podcast is ready for you to enjoy.

The good news is podcasts are portable. You can download the RSS fed podcast to a portable mp3 device and plug it into a compatible car stereo or you can simply use the ear buds on an mp3 player and listen in wherever you are.

Originally podcasts were very simple audio ramblings that were meaningful only to computer technicians who were wanting to know more about a variety of computer related issues. Today broadcast professionals who produce talk shows use podcasts; morning shows and interviews are also available to motivated listeners through an RSS fed podcast.

Like digital video recorders for television, podcasting allows popular programs to be readily accessed in an on demand world.

In many ways this process is changing the way individuals are responding to life. Podcasting has allowed traditional radio listeners to enjoy life and still listen to what they want, but they do so WHEN they want to and not when it may originally air on a radio station in their area.

The integration of delivery methods has allowed audio to become a part of the everyman experience and allows it to connect with the listener on their terms. This may be causing some disturbance in traditional radio listening, but many radio stations are compensating by making much of their programming available through an RSS fed podcast or live stream.

Podcasting is also becoming a prime marketing component in online business especially when the material is informative and worth referring to often.

In an on demand world how are you compensating for customer expectations? How does podcasting fit in those expectations?