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Playtime with your dog could be just as beneficial to you as it is toyour pet

Playtime With Your Dog - Could Be Just as Beneficial to You as it is to Your Pet

Playtime sessions with your dog can be fun, as well as beneficial for both you and your dogs health. But if these sessions arent done right, and in moderation, they could spell disaster.

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Play is one of the best forms of exercise for a puppy. Fifteen minutes of vigorous play can be equivalent to an hour's walk. Many owners do not realize that games are also good vocabulary builders. When it's all part of a game that he enjoys, your puppy will very quickly learn the meaning of many words long before he is ready for formal training.

Playing with your puppy provides an excellent opportunity to observe his actions and reactions and to become acquainted with his innate character. Games develop alertness and intelligence and can also satisfy instincts for hunting, retrieving, and tracking. Terriers like to dig, wrestle, and fight, generally going for their mock adversary's throat. Greyhounds chase, corgis nip heels, and many working dogs prefer practical exercises to playful games.

The earliest games of very young puppies are based on fighting, boxing, wrestling, biting, chasing, and tug of war. At 8 or 9 weeks, they develop an interest in retrieving - ball games, even all by themselves. Betwee