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Playing the miniature golf

Playing The Miniature Golf

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Among the many forms of golfing, miniature golf or mini golf has started to become a popular past time among busy professionals and family alike who are either popular fanatics of the game or prefer to take on a regular gaming activity in the comfort of their own homes. 

Perhaps, miniature golf was created due to the increasing demands of golf courses that do not occupy a significant land area but still able to provide all the amenities expected of the more conventional golf courses. 

This midget type of golfing became surprisingly popular before World War 1 in 1910 and the early 1920's. It was originally termed as Garden Golf due to the usual scenery characteristic of a golf landscape. 


Thomas McCulloch Fairbairn was the first to completely initiate change in the way mini golf courses were designed and played. He takes on a new role in introducing anatomical changes to the then current details of midget golf courses. 

He was to contribute to the dramatic advancement of mini go