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Other Techniques to Make Viral Marketing Work

Word of mouth is one way that some professionals do business. People who have availed of certain services and are impressed with it can refer it to others especially since those who pushed it will be rewarded for making the business grow.

Giving people incentives for reaching a quota help out since those who do it part time can use the extra cash for other things instead of using money from the regular job.

If the business is new and there are a lot of companies who have been doing it for years, the best way to start is to give the service away for free. When it has established itself in the market, then customers can be charged to maintain the business.

The computer age has helped expand the way viral marketing can be accomplished. The only thing needed is for the person to be resourceful to be able to get new customers hooked.

Some internet sites first started out by giving the user one or a number of email accounts for free. A good example is hotmail which offered a limited amount of space per account. People who want more will have to pay a maintenance fee to enjoy this service.

Another benefit of being a member is that the person will be informed of new products and services in the form of a newsletter that may come out monthly or quarterly.

The internet is like an encyclopedia but better. New information is always there and should the user have difficulty in doing anything such as creating an email account or need consultancy services for a certain problem, that person can be redirected to someone who can answer that question.

A good example are some websites that are designed to help people who are not good with computers troubleshoot certain problems.

If the user is experienced some problems with the service or isnt satisfied with it, the member can also post questions and the developer will get back to the person to answer that query.

Having a website is a great way to reach a larger market. Since not everybody knows how to make a website, those who want to sell products can advertise for free. An arrangement can be made where the developer will earn a little profit for every product sold or charge these people a small fee for maintenance costs.

There are a lot of people who surf the net and those who have no idea will use a popular search engine to find it. The developer can advertise in these by using important keywords so that users will be directed to the site.

A problem some people face especially those who are studying is researching on a topic. The developer can provide a service to help these people out. Satisfied users will surely recommend it to those who are also having difficulty.

The internet has changed the way people send greeting cards and letters. A person does not have to send a card anymore using the post office but simply sign up for one site and use it.

Some of these sites will require the user to add other people, the birthdays and the email addresses which can be used later on by the developer to also send messages and other special offers.

Pop-ups is another way to get the attention of people. When the user logs on to a site, it will appear and those who like it may click on it to avail its services. This may be in the form of banners, smileys, and screensavers that people may download for free.

Those who are not interested to sign up yet can come back later. The user just has to leave certain details so the developer may contact the person in the future for new items that the customer may now be interested in.

The developer may also be a good Samaritan and help those who are just starting a website. In order for these people not to make the same mistakes or go through similar hardships, an agreement can be made where a joint venture may take place.

Both parties will use the services of the other and money generated will be shared. This will also create a link directory that the two entrepreneurs can use to increase traffic and sales.

Using an affiliate program is another way to make the business grow since there are lot of businesses under one umbrella looking out for everything.

The developer can establish a blog site for people to voice out certain opinions. This creates debate among members which makes the site interactive. The developer can easily advertise products to the people and make some money.

There are many ways that viral marketing can used to generate traffic and sales. The person has to find what people need and work on it.

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