Other viral marketing Techniques 2

Other viral marketing Techniques

Since its inception, viral marketing technique has long been accepted as one of the best ways in generating good, targeted traffic to your site.

In fact, it has already established its footing in the business since the hotmail epidemic and the dancing baby was first disseminated. With the success of these two primary concepts of viral marketing, most businesses have already devised some ways on how to make the most out of viral marketing.

For this reason, various viral marketing techniques have been created that can be used to economically distribute their promotions and marketing messages to possible customers in a global perspective.

Today, there are as many forms of viral marketing techniques as there are consumers getting access to the Internet, all of them seeking for information worthy of sharing to their friends. Hence, for those who are not yet quite familiar with the other viral marketing techniques that can be twice as good and effective as the usual forms of viral marketing techniques, here is a list of the additional techniques that you can make use of:

1. Providing free email account

Getting a free item is an absolute gift. This is because it is not everyday that people get to hook up in the Internet and get something for free, right? But the idea of getting a free email account is doubly fun.

For so many years now, emails have always proven its viability to both the consumers and the businesses. In viral marketing, emails have been one of the most feasible and effective tools especially to those who are still new in the business, those who have small business, or any ventures that cannot simply afford to have big budgets for their promotions or marketing.

The concept behind the wonders of providing free email account is that people, who would like to be connected in todays wired world, would find the free email account as an absolute solution to their Internet needs. This is especially true for those who cannot afford the high costs of email providers nowadays.

2. Create an award

In viral marketing, generating awards or loyalty points are very effective in creating a marketing epidemic. The concept behind this viral marketing technique is that by creating an award to a webmaster, which have painstakingly established and created good graphic designs on your site, you are actually creating a name for your business.

This happens when the receiver of the award would try to brag about his achievements and tell other people about the idea. In turn, you get to attract other people to visit your website. Not only that, with the backlinks that you have provided on their awards that are being displayed on their own sites, you can effortlessly lure other people to try what you have to offer on your website.

Besides, creating awards could only mean one thing optimum exposure in the Internet. The more exposed your website is, the more people will get to know that your business exist.

3. Distributing a free software

One of the best techniques in generating good traffic through viral marketing is by means of distributing free software.

By offering a free tryout form of your software to your potential customers, you can easily instigate the probability of having them avail of the full version.

Besides, allowing your potential customers to try your software would compel them to share the good news to others if ever they are satisfied with your product. Hence, you get to market your product without employing expensive means.

4. Free screensavers

Screensavers are one of the most popular tools in the Internet nowadays. Thos who wanted to customize the look of their PCs would love to use different styles of screensavers.

Therefore, by simply giving away free screensavers, you can automatically generate traffic to your site without the hassle of marketing your website the hard way. Once an individual is satisfied with your screensaver, he will most likely share it with his friends, and the rest as they say is history.

The good thing about it is that you get to reach hundred of people with just one click. Just keep in mind to place your business name and the web address in the screensaver that you will make.

You can have them easily made available in your own website or distribute them to some screensaver sites or software sites that would gladly display your craft.

5. Write articles and distribute them for reprint

With all the other viral techniques, this is probably the most common and at the same time, the most neglected technique.

It has been accepted that articles are one of the most viable means of generating sales and traffic in the Internet. The only problem with some Internet marketers is that they fail to do the process correctly. What they do not realize is that making an article is useless if the resource box is not present.

If you wish to make your site known and you would like others to reprint your articles, it is extremely important to always include your resource box. Otherwise, people who will read the articles will tend to miss the fact that you are an expert on the field and that you could offer more information by merely visiting your website.

All of these things are boiled down to the fact that viral marketing, in whatever technique you use, can absolutely generate more traffic to your site, boost your sales, and promote your website without the hassle of doing really hard work. It is the best that you can do for your site and for yourself, so grab one technique and start the ball rolling.