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how to write a mini salesletter to your ebook

How To Write A Convincing Sales Letter For Your e-Book

Have you ever been in a situation when you are so convinced in an ad that you are already convinced to buy after just a few minutes of reading it? That ad must be so effective to have persuaded you immediately in buying the product. Dont you want to have that same convincing power for your e-book?

Having a killer sales letter is a plus in promoting your e-book. But how do you do it especially if you do not have the writing skills required?

Steps in Writing a Sales Letter

1. Before starting to write anything on your sales letter, you must first determine your target audience. Who do you think are the people who will be interested in your e-book? Let us admit that not every person in the world would be interested in your product.

Knowing your target market will make your letter more effective. Also, you will be able to write your letter as if it is talking directly to your prospects, thus, gaining you more profit.

2. You have to know what sets your product apart from its competitor. Determine the edge and the advantages of your product from others. Make this your selling point.

If you can tell your potential customers that your e-book offers several desirable benefits that others do not have then there is a huge possibility of you making that sale.

3. You should make your potential customers believe you. It might be difficult to it because of the many scams and false information in advertisements right now. You should tell them every single reason why they should believe you.

Adding more data and statistics to back up your statements will add to the credibility of your letter. Prove to them that what you are saying is true from the beginning.

4. Provide your potential customers all the benefits your e-book has to offer. Even the not-so-obvious benefits should be included.

After you have identified your target market, the next things that you should determine are the issues and concerns your target audience may be having. Make a list of these problems and determine the benefits of your product that will solve each of these problems.

Problems are always there, it is the solution to the problem that is lacking. So if you can show them that you have the right solution to their problems, then you will be in for huge sales. Having a long list of benefits that your product offers gets you better chance of turning these readers into buying customers.

5. Write your sales letter in the way you would want it as a reader. Once you think that you are almost done with it, read it from the viewpoint of a potential customer. Ask yourself if you would say yes to the offer.

As much as possible, try to find a loophole or something in your letter where your potential customer would probably say no. If you find one, then you may want to consider revising your letter in such a way that it would address that objection. By answering all possible objections by customers, you will definitely have a killer sales letter. Needless to say, it will also bring huge profit.

6. The last thing that you have to consider is getting your potential customers to take action as soon as possible. Give them the reason why they should buy from you now. If you miss this step, you may have just missed a sale altogether.

Provide a realistic reason for them to act immediately. Offering special discounts or bonuses for a limited time period is one way to make them buy your product now. Telling them that your product is limited and would not be offered anywhere else once sold may get them to make the decision now. You may come up with other strategies but just make sure that your sense of urgency should still sound realistic.

These steps are just the basic ones to get you started writing your sales letter. It may not be perfect at first but it is alright. Learning to write a very good ad or sales letter may take some time. But starting now with the basics may be your first step on becoming a professional sales writer.