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How to treat and prevent the common cold

How To Treat And Prevent The Common Cold

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There is no way to prevent the cold, or any infection from happening, but if you build up a strong immune system, you will fight it off much quicker. You can naturally boost your immune system by eating well (including lots of fruits and veggies), quitting smoking and staying away from second hand smoke, drinking a lot of water, and being physically active. You can also help avoid getting a cold by minimizing contact with others who are infected by not sharing food or drinks, and having your own beach towels, etc. Since the cold virus can live on materials such as door handles, money, and countertops for several hours, it is important to wash your hands regularly or have hand sanitizer with you at all times. Also remember, when you have a cold, have some curtesy for others who are trying to avoid the same misfortune, and cover your sneezes and wash your hands!


Just like with prevention, there is no cure for the co