How to talk to a seo professional

How To Talk To A Seo Professional


If you have decided that you cannot do search engine optimization all by yourself it might be time to hire a professional. However it is also important to remember that although this might be expensive (expect to invest about $10,000 in a professional SEO job) that you have to keep your expectations of what such a company can do realistic.

For instance no search engine optimization company produces overnight results or even results that make much of a difference to your business within a month. In fact if you do find a company that does this you should avoid them like the plague as that is evidence that they are practicing black hat SEO. Sooner or later the search engines catch up with black hat seo techniques and penalize your website. So in a nutshell you might have a week or even a month of terrific business illegally gotten with doorway pages and cloaking techniques but after that your site will be dumped from the search engine listings.

Keep in mind that what you are usually paying for when a site is about to be optimized is a clean up of your HTML code and the writing of new SEO copy for your site. Unfortunately the result after an seo professional has changed your sites copy so that it is more attractive to the search engine spiders is often difficult to accept especially if you have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars getting a website professional to write persuasive ad copy for you. The key is that if you are going to get a professional SEO job then you have to let go of your old ways of thinking about what good writing looks like, sounds like or read like. It might seem nuts that you have paid an arm and a leg for copy that you think is grammatically incorrect but unfortunately misspellings and bad grammar might be an essential part of your optimization process that cant be helped.