How to take care for hemorrhoids

How to Care for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids, or commonly known as piles, form when the rectal or anal blood veins are inflamed due to a tension caused by varied circumstances such as prolonged sitting. Hemorrhoids can often cause swelling, extreme pain, and bleeding. There are two common kinds of hemorrhoids: internal and external. The difference lies on the location of the hemorrhoid. However, they both have similar symptoms such as bleeding.

If you are experiencing from any kind of hemorrhoid you can do the following measures to ease your pain.

1. Apply directly a cold pack on the hemorrhoid region to lessen the inflammation and the pain. The easiest method to do this is to ask a loved one to apply the cold compress as you are lying face down.

2. Before you use toilet paper, dampen it with water or baby oil. Baby wipes are also recommended as they are extra gentle for your sensitive skin.

3. Always clean the region well with lukewarm water may times every day. A bidet is very effective for this purpose.

4. As much as possible, do not sit or stand for long periods.

5. Take a hot bath several times a week. Do not take salt baths as they can cause irritation in the hemorrhoid. Also, avoid strong detergents in cleaning your anal area.

6. To help achieve smooth bowel movement, add fiber into your diet. Take fresh vegetables and fruits that are high in fiber. Legumes, beans and whole grains are also highly recommended for fiber intake.

7. Add water consumption. Try to drink at least eight to ten glasses a day. This will smoothen your stool, allowing smooth passage.

8. Exercise every day. Do brisk walking or jogging at least 30 45 minutes, three to four times a week. This will help in the food absorption and make moving your bowels less painful.

9. Do not push hard during bowel movement. It can cause extra strain to the hemorrhoid and can cause further damage.

10. Avoid lifting heavy objects. If it is unavoidable, use proper body posture and mechanics to prevent putting extra pressure and tension on the lower extremities especially the pelvic area.

11. Take over-the-counter drugs recommended to ease hemorrhoid pain. Those drugs that contain corticosteroids are effective in combating pain. However, you should check at least with the store pharmacist to be sure that the drug can help your condition. You should remember to take these drugs on the prescribed period as prolonged intake can cause inflammation or pockmarks in the anal lining.

12. In few cases, hemorrhoids need proper surgical treatment, either through sclerotheraphy, to reduce the size of the piles, or the rubber band ligation or clinically known as hemorrhoidectomy. Ask your physician to know more about other treatments.

13. Do not believe that rectal or anal bleeding is rooted mainly from hemorrhoids. It can be a sign of a serious health problem such as colon cancer. If you are experiencing hemorrhoid for a long time, never hesitate to consult your doctor for proper medical attention.

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