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Crm and what it has done for consumers

CRM And What It Has Done For Consumers

Back in the day, frequent flyer miles, and loyalty
benefits were simply unheard of. CRM has brought these
things for the contemporary consumer, being that is a
customer-centric philosophy. Looking at its brief
history, one will see how CRM played a pivotal role in
making consumers shopping experience much more
enjoyable while keeping companies happy with
consistent profits.

Genesis In the pre-CRM era, entrepreneurs simply
relied on generic means to attract customers and gain
loyal followings. And corporations were self-centered
and dubious enough not to realize the importance of
having personalized consumer relationships. CRM first
emerged in the 1980s where it was first termed as
database marketing.

This isnt as intricate as the current Consumer
Relationship Management philosophy. It basically
comprises of a firms public relations department
merely interacting with their consumers in an almost
casual fashion. It was helpful in trivial ways, but it
simply wasn