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Critical guidelines you need to know before hiring anyone

Critical Guidelines You Need to Know Before Hiring Anyone

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We dont like to think about people doing harm to ourselves or others. The reality, however, is that we live in a country with one of the highest rates of financial crimes, including embezzlement, fraud, theft, etc. And, thats just the beginning. 

Lets look at just a few statistics on what the FBI reports is the fastest growing crime in the US - employee theft:

US Chamber of Commerce reports that $50 billion dollars are lost annually due to employee theft and fraud and that 20% of all businesses fail due to the same reason.

According to an Ernst & Young Report, "White Collar Crime: Loss Prevention through Internal Control" companies lose 1% to 2% of its sales to crime -- most committed by, or in collusion with, employees.

Employee theft, negligent hiring, sexual harassment, and workers compensation fraud are just a few of the liabilities an employer has to face in todays hiring environment.

For example, an Arizona Fitness Club hired an unscreened applicant whic