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Credit counseling can it get you into more trouble

Credit Counseling Can It Get You Into More Trouble?

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Does your heart skip when the phone rings? Are you afraid to open the mail and get another letter from a debt collector? If so, you are not alone. Many Americans are in debt up to their eyebrows and most don't even know what options are available to help them. They just struggle paycheck to paycheck, make minimum payments and watch with frustration as the interest rates eat all the payment and the debt seems to just grow. 

Credit counseling is one option to help deal with debt problems, but before jumping the gun and signing up with any credit counseling firm do your homework. 

Many credit counseling organizations are both legitimate and nonprofit. They work with you to solve your debt problems. However, there are also those who may say "nonprofit" and charge fees. And those that are completely illegitimate. Some credit counseling organizations charge high fees, others hide their fees and the third group may ask for "voluntary" contributions. All of these will eat into the payments yo