Creative uses for private label content

Creative Uses For Private Label Content

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If you have an internet business you know the importance of providing quality content to your visitors. Whether you focus on daily blog posts, autoresponder e-courses, a weekly newsletter, or e-books and reports for sale, you need to consistently offer new material for your visitors or they have no incentive to return.

The problem is that very few of us have time to churn out endless e-books, articles, and email courses. Even if we have the time, coming up with creative ideas and putting them together in an attractive, readable format can be challenging and require a great deal of patience.

One solution gaining in popularity is the use of private label content. No matter the topic of your website, blog or business, there is likely a provider or two that can offer affordable content that matches your needs.

But what do you do with private label content? Do you use it as is, or will the search engines cast your website into the pits of obscurity for having duplicate content? Will your visitors enjoy the content any less if its not 100% original?

The greatest thing about private label content is that it can be altered and customized to be truly unique for your business needs while still providing great value for your visitors.

Here are just a few creative ideas for using private label content for your (and your visitors) benefit:

1) Chop it up. You DONT have to use PLR content exactly in the form you received it! You can easily take portions from various reports, e-courses and e-books to make a completely new creation. Think about topics that are complementary to each other, and see if you can combine two or more topics to make a combination product. For example, a report about goal-setting can be nicely expanded with a few articles on visualization or self-confidence.

2) Create an ongoing email series using PLR content. Call it self help daily tips or creative gardening ideas (or whatever your chosen topic is) and establish a daily relationship with your visitors. You can use your daily mailings to provide a few new tips or ideas, offer reading suggestions by including affiliate links to e-books or print books, or even promote someone elses e-book for a commission!

3) Feed your blog. If you have a blog, you know the challenge of coming up with interesting posts for your visitors to read each day. Use some of that private label content to stir your creativity! Take sections of PLR content and add your own comments, or rewrite sections of the PLR content in your own words so you end up with completely unique material.

4) Create a free report to give to your clients, visitors and subscribers. Take a PLR report (or use 10 PLR articles on the same topic) and combine them into a seamless report. Insert some affiliate links or links to your own products and give it away. Put a link to the free product in your signature on discussion forums, and mention it in your bio box when you submit articles to directories. Let it work as a handy promotional tool for your website.

5) If you have a coaching business (whether life coach, business coach, prosperity coach, or any other kind of coaching) use quality PLR content to send as freebies to your clients. One of my clients (a life coach) does this. He gives my special reports to his coaching clients as surprise gifts and they love it! They feel like he really cares about their success because he conveys the message that hes thinking about them even when not actively engaged in coaching sessions.

6) Combine PLR content with your own products. If you already have an e-book or e-course, you can insert portions of PLR content to add more substance, new ideas, or simply increase the length. It helps to start with *quality* PLR content of course; otherwise youll end up re-writing most of what you use (which is not always a bad thing, see the next tip below!).

7) Re-write it in your own words. This obviously takes more time and energy than using PLR content as-is, but it will truly be your own unique work if you have the time. If youre not a writer you may think this is too hard, but its really very simple to do. Just go sentence by sentence throughout the content and put it into your own words. Instead of a sentence like, Goal-setting can be confusing for even the most experienced achiever, you can change it to say, No matter how much experience you have setting goals, it is still easy to get confused and lose your way from time to time.

8) Offer it as a bonus along with one of your own products. You may have a great stand-alone product, but your customers will enjoy even greater value for their money if you offer an irresistible bonus along with it. Its best to choose a product that complements or expands upon your product in some way. If you have an e-book on business success, why not include a bonus report about building your self-confidence or effective goal setting?

9) Offer a package deal to your customers. If your e-book sells for $19.95, and you have a private label report or e-book that fits with your e-book topic, you can give your customers the option to purchase just the e-book for $19.95, or the e-book AND the report for only $24.95. This creates added value for your customer, and you earn more per sale!

10) Finally, one of the best ways to use PLR content is to personalize it! If you have a quality PLR e-book, report or e-course that offers a solid foundation for a good product, you can simply go through it and insert your own personal experiences, ideas and advice. Share your personal anecdotes, highlight your life lessons and offer your insights to help others.

Undoubtedly, the greatest benefits of private label content are the time and money it can save for busy business owners. Hiring a ghostwriter can be costly, and writing your own content can be time consuming. With quality private label content, you get good material at affordable prices which keeps you AND your visitors happy.

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