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Bird watching magazines

Bird Watching Magazines

There are many magazines now in stands. Some focus on sports, health, interior design and architecture. If going out into the wilderness is not enough, you can subscribe to a bird watching magazine.

Bird watching magazines are informative because they have pictures and interesting articles about birds. You can learn about a certain birds behavior, diet, habitat, sounds and more by reading through the pages.

Aside from birds and the various species, you will also learn about the different brands of bird watching equipment that are available in the market. Some of these are reviewed by various experts to give you an idea what is worth buying.

The best thing about a bird watching magazine is its opportunity to show you various bird species which you will never see because of your geographic location. You wont be able to see the Giant Petrel or the Skua which happen to live in Antarctica.

Bird watching magazines are published bi-monthly or monthly. When we say bi-monthly, this means you will only get a copy every 2 months which is about 6 copies in a year. These are sold for $15 to $50 per copy and you can avail of a discount by paying for a whole years subscription in advance.

A few examples of these include Bird America, Bird Talk and Bird Watching. Sometimes, you will even see a few pictures of birds in National Geographic. You can get copies of these from your favorite news stand or online since some of these can be ordered through their company website.

If you happen to see an old issue which you think is interesting, you can even order the back issue once again.

Reading a bird watching magazine is one way to keep yourself up to date with the different species of birds that inhabit our planet. While there are books you can also browse, magazines are published on a regular basis while books are launched after more than a year.

So if you want to learn more about birds, pick up a copy of any bird watching magazine. You may not be able to order all of them but after looking at a few, you will know which one is good value for your money so you can become one of the millions of regular subscribers.

One of the things you can do being a subscriber is to also send photos or even comments about the articles written. You may even be paid for your article should the editor like your article and decide to include it in the next issue.

Aside from bird watching magazines which in paper form, there are also articles about them which you can find online. These are called e-zines or electronic articles. You dont have to be a member to read about topics they have but it will be a good idea so you know if anything new is posted.

Just like the regular bird watching magazine, you can also contribute stuff online. It will be nice to submit an article with a few pictures so you can tell members your experience when you had your encounter with the bird.

Bird watching magazines are common just like other hobbies. It was just a matter of time before someone thought of the idea of making one.