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Bird watching in tobago

Bird Watching in Tobago

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Once you catch birding fever, it will overtake your entire life. In fact, you will start planning trips around it as can occur with bird watching in Tobago. 

Bird Watching in Tobago

Exotic is the term that best defines Tobago bird watching, an exciting and rewarding experience for bird watchers. Tobago is the smaller island of the Trinidad and Tobago nation, the southern most island of the Caribbean, located off the East Coast of Venezuela.

Tobago bird watching focus on the marine environment and coral reefs as an unusual setting for bird watching. This island is home to numerous colonies of nesting Red-billed Tropicbirds, Magnificent Frigate birds, and Red-footed Boobies. Tobago is the place where introduction to birding in South American began.

Tobago has around 150 to 200 bird species of the 467 recorded in both Trinidad and Tobago. However, Tobago is a drier island, further offshore than Trinidad. It offers great birding with species not found anywhere else in Central America, including specialty b