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Bird watching and other outdoor activities for children

Bird Watching and Other Outdoor Activities for Children

Bird watching is one of the outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by both parents and children. It is one among numerous activities that children can engage in where they can expand their horizon educationally and improve their social skills.

Kids can enjoy nature trips like hiking. Hiking is not only good for the children but it also provide the necessary exercise adults should be doing. Hiking can be done throughout the year, well almost. During spring, it is a great season for looking for the first flowers of the season and observing birds which are in flight during this season.

During summer, animals are most active in this season. Children can observe and sport squirrels in the trees and other animals. Autumn would be the season for pine cones, acorns, seeds and other items for collection. Winter is not the friendly season. But even in this harsh weather, hiking can still be regarding. Children can learn how to examine animal tracks and their food intake during this season.

Aside from nature hiking, wildlife watching is also a hit among kids. Just like bird watching, all you need is just good eyesight and a green area. Similar to bird watching there are field guides where you can identify the animals that you have seen. Just make sure that the wild things are kept in the wild.

Snowshoeing is a great recreation sport with the kids during wintertime. Just be sure that the children are properly covered with warm clothes before they heat out the door. 

Gardening is also a great way of involving them with science, explaining how things grow as they grow along the way like carrots, leaf lettuce, radishes and pumpkins. When involving children in gardening, make sure that they would be asked what to do with their harvest. There are many outdoor activities that can be done like camping, picnics, and kite flying.

You can also pick some berries, apples, peaches and pears. The whole family can join this outdoor activity. After picking some and eating a little of the fruits that you have picked, they can make some delicious fruit cobblers. Not only do you learn about fruits and have lots of fun, you also get to have a chance of a wonderful dessert.

If the kid wanted to do or is interested in a particular activity, think outside the boz. Get creative! Mix and ordinary finger painting with and activity outside the house like picnic. Getting children mobile and active, not only in schoolwork, is not only because we do not like children to be overweight.

There is a study conducted by the UCLA Center for Healthier Children that kids who have high classroom performance are those children who have an increased flow of blood and oxygen to the bran. By exposing children to sunlight and outdoor activity, children gets the necessary oxygen they need

You can also do some star gazing. You can get a map and involve the children in looking and identifying planets and constellations, even talking about its history. This experience can be followed by going or trips to the library to be knowledgeable about the solar system.

Bird watching or birding has helped children in terms of increasing their knowledge in the field of animals and birds. This is an activity that children and adults like, the appeal does not wear off since there are thousands of bird species worldwide that can be viewed anytime.