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Bird nesting information find out how to build and properly care foryour nest box

Bird Nesting Information- Find out how to build and properly care for your nest box

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A birds nest provides an environment for its eggs to develop during a birds breeding season. Although nests are considered words of art in some certain species of birds, many birds may not build a nest for laying of their eggs. Instead, the birds may lay their eggs directly into a hole in the ground. All birds prefer and require different nest sizes and shapes. Birds also use many different building materials to construct their ideal nest. Some may use sticks and twigs, while others may use spider webs. It is extremely important where a nest is placed. Protection from the extreme temperatures and the predators is necessary. Birds, by natural instinct, know how and where to build their nest, and make it a safe and comfortable environment for their young. The most safe of nest boxes would be that of a woodpeckers. Woodpeckers make their ideal nests directly into tree trunks or branches. 

There is no accurate way to design a birds nest. All birds favor is a safe and secure place which protects