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A Closer Look at the Purple Martin Bird Houses

The purple martin bird house is said to be one of the most charming dwellings greatly designed for this type of winged communal inhabitants. Commonly located at the peak of a pole, the purple martin birdhouse bears resemblance to villas and condominiums. It is best seen in an open space, which is more airy and can accommodate a family of certain bird species. The purple martin bird house also has the form that follows the Mediterranean style.

In the earlier times, the conventional design of this bird house was like a villa set with lots of holes. However, in view of the fact that the purple martin has now becoming extinct and their homes have been dwelled by sparrows and starlings, the designers have modified the design of the bird house. Today, you can those purple martin bird houses with crescent or lidded shaped doorway. And so, larger birds cannot easily enter the bird house. Aside from, the good thing about this design is that, the purple martins can now slip swiftly inside while the swallows and starlings remain outside.

Another good thing about this new design is that it keeps the purple martins from direct exposure to sunlight. Extreme heat is deadly for young and older purple martins. When looking for a purple martin bird house, choose the one with proper ventilation. Also, make sure that the floor has lots of holes for drainage. This would ensure that the floor dries out swiftly after rainfall thus preventing the growth of bacteria and molds.

Contrary to the beauty of the purple martin, it is also identified as a grimy bird. The reason is that a number of parents will nest on the same home. Martins just like some other birds excrete in their boxes and sanitation is definitely compromised because of the open air design that exposes the inner part to other elements like wind and rain.

In order to keep their dwelling clean you can purchase a purple martin bird house that hangs on top of an aluminum pole. Choose the one with the collapsible pole to allow you to adjust the house into the ground, at the same time clean out the floor and lay the nesting materials outside the bird house. This also ensures that newly hatched martins will have nice and comfy bird house each year.

Both purple martin bird house and pole are sometimes sold as one. You can purchase the house and the pole as a do it you own bird house it. The bird house and pole can also be sold individually. If you purchase the bird house, then you can set it on your own pole, but this will cost you much effort and time, as you to work out its proper construction. Just don't mount it on a wood pole because this may attract invaders such as cats and squirrels to scratch up the sides of the house and might bother the occupants. But if you really want to use the wooden pole, then you should use the flippers and spinners to prevent such invaders.

You can also look for some purple martin bird house and poles in the internet. The birdhouses are even easier to find than the poles. There are essentially 2 parts of poles: The telescopic type, and The Hinge Type. The telescopic type is also known as the adjustable poles that let you extend the pole while the Hinge type lets you split up the poles in such a way that the birds can be reached from the base or ground. But both types offer the same benefit such as easy cleaning so you won't get tired of climbing the ladder.