Bird flu a global outbreak a global concern

Bird Flu: A Global Outbreak, A Global Concern

It is important for people to realize that the bird flu virus is not merely one country’s problem. It is a serious global problem that affects all countries and all peoples.

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In the 1330s, the bubonic plague killed millions of people. Transmitted by rats, the disease originated from China. It later spread to Europe when merchants came back from their long voyage from China. The disease was also spread by fleas that when passed on to humans, became fatal. The bubonic plague continued for years and took the lives of millions of people.

Seven centuries later, a new disease is threatening to kill many if precautions are not made. This new disease is avian influenza, more commonly known as bird flu. Instead of rodents, birds transmit this disease to humans. Birds carry the bird flu virus in their intestines when they migrate for the winter. The virus, which does not affect the carriers, is deadly to those who come in contact with birds carrying the virus. When chickens, birds or geese come in contact with a bird carrying the virus through the birds saliva, nasal secretions or feces, they can become infected, fall ill and die in 48 hours.

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