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Bird by Bird

Its easy to feel overwhelmed by marketing. First, theres so much to learn: What works? Whats a waste of your time? Where should you invest your energy and money?

Then you have to prioritize: Where should you start? Whats the ONE THING that, if you dont do anything else for a while, is your best first step?

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Next, youve got to figure out how to get it all done. Marketings not your regular job, but you could work at it full time, given all there is to do.

And dont forgethow do you stay on track and motivated? Sure, its one thing to be inspired during a marketing workshop or by ideas from a book. But then the reality of execution sets in.

Believe me, I feel your pain. Working on some major, next-level projects of my own right now, its tempting to stick my head in the sand and say forget it. Since Im writing from the beach this week, it literally would be that easy.

Instead, Im taking it bird by bird.

Author and writing teacher, Anne Lamott, coined this term to encourage budding authors in her book, Bird by Bird. The phrase refers to a school report about wild birds that her younger brother had to write as a child. He put it off until the night before it was due. Sitting at the kitchen table, surrounded by piles of books, he was overwhelmed and frozen by the task at hand. His father, also a writer,