Bipolar disorder

Bipolar Disorder: What You Should Know About This Illness

It is important for people to function daily in the society in order to work, and whatever their daily activities are. In order to function properly, your health should also be in good condition especially your brain. You have to consider that your brain is what controls most part of your body and as well as your decision and other psychological factors. Emotions and your mood is also controlled by a certain part of the brain.

However, what if you have or someone you know has brain disorder? With a brain disorder, you have to consider that it can definitely affect your daily task. Even controlling your emotions and your mood can be difficult. One kind of disorder of the brain is called bipolar disorder. This kind of disorder can affect ones ability to function properly in their daily lives. It can affect several aspects, such as the emotion, mood, and also your body’s energy.

Bipolar disorder is also known as manic depressive illness. This particular illness causes unusual shifts in the person’s brain. Normally, people experience ups and downs in life. However, with a bipolar disorder, the person affected will experience severe mood change. As you can see, bipolar disorder can affect everything about a person’s lives. With this disorder, it can result in relationship problems, poor job and school performance, and in some cases, it can even lead to suicide.

However, if you know someone affected with this kind of disorder, it doesnt mean that you should lose hope in getting their lives back on track. Bipolar disorder can be treated. It is a known fact that people who went through treatment for bipolar disorder have been able to get their lives back on track and lead a normal and productive life.

Bipolar disorder usually develops during the late adolescent years or early adulthood. However, there are some people who show early symptoms of bipolar disorder during childhood. There are also some people who develop this disorder later in life. Bipolar disorder is commonly not recognized as an illness, and it is a fact that people may suffer from bipolar disorder until it becomes severe and diagnosed properly. You have to consider that bipolar disorder is a long term illness which also requires long term treatment. This particular brain disorder should be carefully managed throughout their life.

There are some signs and symptoms that you may notice associated with bipolar disorder. It will include dramatic mood swings from being excessively happy to being irritable to being hopeless or sad. This happens in intervals and mood changes are quite noticeable. Here are some specific signs and symptoms that a person with bipolar disorder shows:

     Excessively happy or euphoric mood

     Increased energy, and restlessness

     Quickly distracted
     Racing thoughts, talks unusually fast, and jumps from one idea to another
     Little sleep needed
     Spending sprees
     Poor judgment
     Unrealistic beliefs in their abilities
     Increased sexual drive
     Drug abuse, such as cocaine, sleeping medications, and alcohol abuse
     Aggressive behavior
     Denial that anything is wrong

In severe cases, a person who has bipolar disorder thinks and attempts suicide. People who have this brain disorder feel that they are useless and it’s better to end their lives.

As you can see, bipolar disorder is a very serious illness that you should be aware of. It is important that if you see any irregularities in a person’s behavior, they should get treated immediately and not wait for it to become any worse.

It is important if the person is feeling suicidal you should immediately call a doctor and seek emergency assistance immediately. It is also important that the person should not be allowed, and make sure that they dont have any access to large amount of medication where they can overdose on it, weapons such as knife and gun, and other items that they can use to inflict harm to themselves.

Bipolar can be treated with medication and psychiatric therapy. With patience, the person with this disorder can lead a normal and productive life.

You have to consider that this particular disorder has no cure and requires a lifetime of medication and psychotherapy. So, if you suspect that a member of your family or one of your friends has this disorder, you can help them by taking them to a psychiatrist where they can be treated.

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