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Bio-Diesel Run your car on it!

Did you ever wonder what you would do if petrol went up to over 1 a litre or $3 a gallon?

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Its likely that the farmers would blockade the countries roads for starters! Unfortunately, the possibility of this happening are becoming more and more likely with increasing tensions around the world leading to ever increasing oil prices and volatility in the world markets. Fossil fuels are running out an alarming rate and people are starting to look seriously at other alternatives. 
Needless to say, an increase in oil prices will create hardships to the economy and in every persons life. But some people state that the only way to get them to use public transport or to walk the 5 minutes to the local shop instead of driving is to price them out of using their cars for inefficient journeys. Increasingly people and making their own biodiesel fuel from used cooking oil to run their cars to reduce their dependence on oil. 

Biodiesel is made from vegetable oil (including used oil) in a process called transesterification, whereby the glycerine is separated from the oil leaving a clean burning fuel that w