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Biker sunglasses they re not goggles are they

Biker Sunglasses Theyre Not Goggles, Are They?

Biker sunglasses, for total protection for your eyes, cycling or motorcycling.

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Biker sunglasses are actually ordinary sunglasses with special lenses and anyone can wear these sunglasses. They received that name due to their popularity among those who like to do a lot of biking and who want the best possible protection for their eyes. Biker sunglasses have polarized lenses that neutralize the glare from the street as the sun reflects off it, making it much easier for you to see. 

If you notice the bikers in races such as the Tour de France, you will realize they are wearing sunglasses. These sun glasses have nylon frames that fit snug to the face and retain their original shape when you take them off. These biking sunglasses also have shatterproof frames because no matter what kind of biking you do pedal biking or motorcycle riding- small bits of rock and debris can flick up from the wheels. When you add this to the protection from UV rays that you get from biker sunglasses, you are doubly protected.