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Here is how to eat your way top massive gains 

Commercial Calorie bars are not new and they are not cheap, a good bar will cost you $2-$3 dollars a bar and I personally don't think they are worth the money for that kind of investment I would purchase a good and proven weight gainer 

But for those of us who want mass, and are always looking at the mirror to see gains I have a great solution...Make your own MUSCLE BARS. 

Before I go on, I want to state some rather obvious facts: FACT NUMBER ONE - if you want to gain mass at an accelerated pace...EAT FAT! Yes don't avoid fat, fat is essential in the mass gaining process, dietary fats play a essential role in muscle building hormone production which ARE the Keys to outstanding muscle growth. 

I have never known any one to gain mass on a low fat diet, it just will 
Not happen and let me tell you, if you are getting fat on a high calorie diet, I would not accuse your fat intake, no! Rather I would accuse the simple sugars in your diet. AlsoRecommended For You