Big ticket to wealth and passport to wealth

Big Ticket to Wealth and Passport to Wealth

How do Bigtickettowealth and Passport to Wealth stand up to each other? If you read this you will see what each program is basically about.

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Passport to Wealth is a fairly new company in the home business arena. Passport to Wealth offers a home business opportunity by selling or marketing their products through the direct selling industry. The Passport to Wealth product line is compiled of many software titles on internet marketing. The Passport to Wealth opportunity consists of

marketing these programs for $997. According to the website, there are several different titles of software that come with the business.

Passporttowealth is a passup program!

The Passport to Wealth business opportunity contains a 2-Up compensation plan with a payout of $997 for every sale made by the qualified affiliate. The issue with the Passport compensation plan is the requirement of two sales (hence 2-Up). To get started with Passport to Wealth, a new person must pay $997 to become an Passport business associate and then give up almost $2000 ($997 x 2) from their first two qualifying sales to their qualified sponsor. This means they must give up almost $3000 before they can earn any wealth from the program. Another issue with the Passport to Wealth 2-Up program is that if you bring in someone who makes a sale or two per day, you only get their first 2 sales and then you no longer get paid on their efforts. They then breakaway from the sponsor and actually end up becoming the competition. This doesn’t give the qualified Passport to Wealth sponsoring associate much motivation to help the new associate since they will ultimately become competition. By giving your profits from
sales. The money from those 4 sales will go to you! It will keep going, their are no limits. Think about that what about the sales that you passed up. What if they are a seasoned marketer and make millions, you have just passed that all up.

Bigtickettowealth is a matching override program!

Big Ticket to Wealth is not a passup program. You dont loose your first couple of sales, they stay with you. If that person needs you for anything you are there for them, because you want to help them because what they make you also make (matching override). Now that is the ticket

to wealth as far as I am concerned. We also have all of the training material in our back office that you can use. We have tactics for the beginner as well as the seasoned marketer. Another plus for Bigtickettowealth is we will give you a free trip just for watching one of our daily webinars. If you have your people come and join the webinar the CEO Gerald Van Yerxa will answer any question that he or she may have. We all love to travel to the ends of the earth, so if you come and watch this webinar and get the five digit number you will be eligible for this free trip.

Freedom Does that sound good?

What do you look for when you look to make a living from home? Is it to wake up to an alarm clock every morning? Do you look forward to making daily cold calls to prospects that arent really interested in your product or business? Do you want to feel like you need to push your

friends to buy from you? No? Obviously not all types of home businesses are for everyone. How about something that lets you work on your own time schedule? Without putting in much effort, youd be able to see large financial rewards? Wouldnt it be nice to continue making money while on vacation? Of course for something like this to work effectively you need some sort of product. Once you join, you receive access to $100,000’s worth of software, wealth creation resources, and a library just for you. All of which can be yours at three different levels. National Membership – $797, Executive Membership – $1197, Presidential membership – $1997. Your commissions are paid depending on what level you join. You also get

that residual monthly income from each person that joins under you. Thanks for reading and God Bless each reader.

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